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Your Fruitful Solution for Great Taste

Gain the advantage with Kabner: your partner in supplying quality B2B products all over the world. We provide tailored solutions for buyers of all sizes, to maximize profit and quality of your final packaging.

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Explore an endless stream of fruitful opportunities with Kabner. We provide buyers with knowledge in global markets in search of the best deal to capitalize on. How the market is behaving, what pricing structures come with it, and when it is the right time to buy, are all questions we have an answer to. We take care of your problems.

The Source of Significant Taste

Maintaining excellent relations between customers and suppliers, Kabner ensures great partnerships that will lead to even better supply chains. Arranging only the best fruits, our suppliers take care of the most important thing when making the perfect product: great flavor and taste. This leads to a mutually beneficial relationship between supplier and buyer.

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Our Services

tailored solutions

Tailored Solutions

sourcing expertise

Sourcing Expertise

quality assurance

Quality Assurance

channel management

Channel Management

logistic service

Logistic Service

Experts in Trade

With years of experience, Kabner finds the best solutions and opportunities for our exclusive partners. This while analyzing the market for new trends, in pricing and quality. We provide solutions to decision makers to have a stable supply chain without comprising quality of product from all around the world. The strength is the solid footprint from supply with all necessary accreditation to supply an assuring comfort for the customer. We bring suppliers and customers together.

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Quality Assured

Kabner ensures quality within its products for our customers. With this promise, we take quality control as seriously as we can. That is why Kabner Juice only works together with suppliers who have been structurally inspected to gain the quality label. We ensure our customers of the best quality, with no damaging origin.


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For further information about our services, our products, or how we can assist you on your entrepreneurial journey, you can contact us through the button below. This will take you to a page where you can send a message to us, or request a quote on different products.

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About Kabner


About Kabner

Kabner first originated in Montevideo, Uruguay. We are now globally active in the market. With employees and partners all over Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia, we possess a rich portfolio in the sector.

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Our Story

We first began by connecting suppliers to buyers and creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the two. This started generating more and more attention, on which we got into more deals, managing portfolios of substantial clients overseas. Through this, our knowledge about the fruit and juice market expanded, just like we did as a company. Now we're featuring in new waters, but with the same approach: Relieving our client's portfolio and maximizing their profit.

What's your story?

We're curious to find out your story, where you came from, and how you got where you are at this moment. Great partnerships begin with even greater tales, so we ask you: What is your story?


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Would you like to ask us a question directly, or request a quotation for an order?

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Any questions?

Do you have any questions about us, our suppliers, or anything else? Contact us through email or by calling our office directly. We strive to answer each question within 24 hours, to provide you with the best service possible.

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Our Services


Full-service from Kabner

Learn more about our full-service approach for traders, where we fully relieve our clients with their portfolios. Learn more about how we can assist you in this widely open, global market.

Sourcing Expertise

Only the best products are needed to make it in this business. That's why Kabner partners up with the best of the best suppliers out there, while researching the market for new opportunity.

Tailored solutions

Everyone is different, which we understand. With clients all over the world, we recognize that each company needs a unique approach. That's why every flavor we make meets your specific expectations.

Quality Assurance

Kabner stands for quality, which is why we only collaborate with the top suppliers worldwide. This also comes with assurance labels that are strictly checked, to confirm its quality to our clients.

channel management

Need your supply and sales channels managed? Kabner got your back. We manage our client's portfolios and fill them up with new opportunities, scaling the business as a whole.

logistic services

Having the best product is one thing while moving the product is the other. We manage the logistics of our clients, so each and every supply chain is punctually filled up.

Looking for a sustainable partner?

Kabner partners with over 100 companies worldwide, both suppliers and buyers. By requesting a quote through our form, we can look out for a longlasting partnership with you.

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